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01.26.18 Pulling row intervals


01.26.18 Pulling row intervals

Warm Up

Row 300 meters @ an easy pace

Into …

Banded Perfect Stretch x 45 seconds per side
Psoas Pulse x 45 seconds per side

Banded Clam Shell Iso Hold x 45 seconds per side

Fire Hydrant Iso Hold x 45 seconds per side


Two sets of:
Side Plank Hold x 30 seconds per side
Air Squats x 15 reps

Mobility for DL
1:00 each side of Hammer Nail Glute Mobilization:
1:00 each side of Split Stance Adductor Mobilization:

Skill: deadlift
Warm up to your 50% deadlift weight then complete 4 sets of:
*3 Deadlifts to the knee + Deadlift
*pause :02 at the knee each time.  Deadstop on the ground every rep.  No pause on the full deadlift.
Build in weight starting at 50% your 1RM

WOD:  Pulling row intervals
Each round is as fast as possible.  Record all 5 rounds.
250m Row
2 x 10′ sled pull using arms only .  2/1 plates on sled
(you pull the length of the rope 10 feet and then run the rope back and pull that length again)
Rest 2:00

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