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Warm Up:
2:00 bike, run or row
10 x bicep curls with DB
10 x skull crushers with DB
2 lengths with DB alligator crawl- in a plank position with DBs in hand, crawl forward, opposite foot and hand move at the same time

15x band pull aparts horizontal
15x band pull aparts overhead
15 prone pvc pass throughs

Primer: 9:00 EMOM
min 1: PVC bamboo (thick pvc) Overhead Walk- hang KBs from both sides
min 2: Arm chair swings x 10-12 reps
min 3: Dynamic ring dips x 5-6 reps-

6:00 AMRAP
6 x renegade rows- row left, row right, push up
24 x Double Unders – sub 48 singles
cash out
1K row for time- compare to 12/2/16

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