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Bring a Friend Day tomorrow.  At any wod 7,8 or 9am. 

Warm Up
2:00 Slow Bike or Row
2 Rounds of
5 Strict Pull-Ups + 10 Pushups + 15 PVC platter OHS
:30s second Samson Stretch each side (Video)

Pass Thrus in a Squat x 10 reps
T-Spine Pulse on Bench x 30 seconds
Deep goblet squat with plate x 30 seconds
MB hamstring curls x 20 reps

Single Leg RDL with KB- light load only
3 sets of 10 reps each side

Step 1:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent and raise one leg off the floor. Flex the knee on your standing/support leg about 15-20% to activate the glutes.

Step 2:

Without changing the bend in your knee, keep your back naturally arched, bend (hinge) at your hips, and lower your torso until it’s almost parallel to the floor.

Step 3:

Briefly pause at the bottom, then squeeze you glutes, thrust your hips forward, and raise your torso back to the starting position.

Barbell Warm Up for snatch

With an empty barbell, complete the following:
Snatch Grip RDL x 3 reps
Snatch Pull x 3 reps
Muscle Snatch x 3 reps
Close Grip Overhead Squats x 3 reps
Snatch Balance x 3 reps
Tall Snatch x 3 reps
Snatch x 3 reps



1 Rope Climb- extra challenge- legless

5 power snatch 115/75

10 alternating pistols

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