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02.16.17 Minutes of fun


02.16.17 Minutes of fun

Warm Up:
2 rounds of…
Mountain Climbers x 20
Waiters Walk x one length each arm with KB
Single Leg RDL with KB x 8 each side
Goblet squats with KB x 10 reps

T-spine foam roller x 8-10 reps
Russian baby makers x 6-8 reps
Banded hip flexor stretch x :30 each side
Cossack stretch x 6-8 reps each side

Primer for Push Press:
2 rounds of…
with light DB weight
DB Tate Press x 6-8 reps
DB single arm bent over rows x 8 reps each side
DB Z-Press x 5-6 reps

4 Rounds
1:00 Push Press 95/65
1:00 Burpee box jump overs
1:00 assault bike cals
1:00 rest


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