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Warm Up:
Rowling: try 6 times to row a perfect 100m. Any over or under is x2 burpees
Two sets of:
Band Distracted Perfect Stretch x 45 seconds per side
Shoulder Opener x 30 seconds of pulses
Band Assisted Anterior Pec Stretch x 30 seconds per side

Primer: kettle bell SDLHP
work on explosive hip drive
5 sets of 8 reps
build load

Skill: Pistols- 6 steps to perfect pistols!
1. With a box, press off the foot on the box, other foot on the ground- from the side of box
2. Same as above but press off the heel of the foot on the box.
3. Do a pistol off the side of the box with the one leg hanging- not touching the ground
4. Counter balance pistol- hold a weight out front while you pistol from the ground
5. Band on the rig- get into it like a backpack so the band is under arm pits. Shoulder stay back while you move into a pistol position.
6. Candlestick- or get up into a pistol position. Roll back on the ground and as you roll forward, use that momentum to land into a pistol and stand up.

7 SDLHP 115/75
8 Jerks 115/75
9 Sit ups
10 Pistols- alternating sides

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