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Warm Up:
2 rounds…
20 cal row or bike
2 lengths agility ladder
:30-:45 squat hold

with mini-bands
Deadbug hold 1:00 (green band around upper arms, blue band around upper leg)
Banded clam shell hold :30 each side
Cross under lunge :30 each side
Fire hydrant hold :45 each side
Lateral monster walks x 10 each direction

Proper Push Up Form- focus day 1- Elbows back
Do 3 sets of max effort with perfect form push ups

Barbell warm up:
work through the wod complex with empty bar doing 3 reps of each movement
rest 1-2:00
repeat movements with light load

13:00 AMRAP
15 deadlifts 115/75
12 hang power cleans
9 front squats
6 push jerks
3 thrusters

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