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Warm Up
Bike or row 5:00 easy pace

every 1:00 come off the bike/ row and complete 5 push ups

Banded Pec Stretch
hold this position for 1:00
T-Spine Opener
do this with a foam roller and the post of the rig- pulse the hips 15 reps
Banded Lat Stretch x 45 seconds per side
Band Assisted Anterior Pec Stretch x 45 seconds per side
Single-Arm Hang from Bar x 30 seconds each arm

Skill:  handstand progressions
1. donkey kicks x 10 reps
2. kicks to the wall x 5 reps
3. handstand hold on wall or free standing- 30 seconds – 60 seconds
4. handstand march on a box- in a pike position, hands on the floor marching and moving the body- 20 reps

Every 45 seconds for 4:30 (6 sets)
complete 4 unbroken HSPU- athlete can do strict, kip, or pike from a box or the floor

DB snatch- alternate sides 50/35   35/20

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