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Warm Up:
with a partner and a med ball
2 lengths shuffle and MB throw
10 x MB clean and throw
2 lengths shuffle and MB throw
10 x MB lateral throw to partner- each side

Abs: plank ball pops- scale by using plates or no MB
4 max effort sets Rest :60 between sets
1. Tight hollow plank- stack shoulders over wrists. spread fingers, flare out hands
2. Balls of feet on MB and create scared cat back
3. Push thru ground so majority of body weight is being supported by shoulders and core. Tighter your core, the easier it is.
4. Pop feet from left of MB, to the top of MB, to the right side of MB. If you place too much weight on your feet on the ball, the ball with roll.

Skill: 3-position clean and clean pulls
3 reps of muscle clean
3 reps of tall clean
perform 2 sets of 3-position clean 90% and 95% 1 RM clean
pause for :03 at 1″ off floor, knee, and mid-thigh
perform 3 sets of 3 reps of clean pulls at 105%, 110% and 115%

10:00 AMRAP
10 cal bike
10 KB swings 53/35
10 abmat sit ups
10 power cleans 115/75

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