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Warm Up
3 Sets –
8 single leg RDL with KB per leg
rest 30sec
20 banded hip thrusts- mini band around the knees
rest 30sec
30sec Superman Swimmer Kicks
rest 90sec

banded hip flexor stretch x :30 each leg
Russian baby makers x 10
banded lat stretch x :30 each arm

Skill: Stamina Squats week 2
12:00 EMOM
min 1- 3 front squats @ 63%
min 2- 6 back squats @ front squat weight


3 sets not for time

10 Dual Kettlebell Turkish Sit Ups

Dual Kettlebell Z Press (same load as sit ups)

20m Kettlebell Cross Body Carry per arm

10m Seated Sled Drag Face Pull

* use light load for the KB press and sit ups.  Heavier load on the carries.

*use one plate on the sleds with straps, not ropes (25,35 or 45# plate)

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