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04.20.17 BH’s kind of wod


04.20.17 BH’s kind of wod

Warm Up
2:00 run/row/bike
10 x reverse lunges each leg
2 lengths with KB in one hand extended overhead (switch sides per length)
10 x KB swings
banded pec stretch x :30 each
banded lat stretch x :30 each
wrist pulses x 10
band pass thrus in a squat hold x 10
band pull aparts x 10 horizontal and x 10 overhead

Primer: Weighted pull ups
3 reps
2 reps
1 rep x 4 sets
Rest 2:00 in between sets. Build load

100 Burpees
Every 1:00 do 5 power cleans 95/65 starting at 0:00 on the clock
scale burpees to incline if mechanics are breaking down
scale clean weight if those can’t be done unbroken

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