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Warm Up:
10:00 easy pace
Run out the garage door and back in the front door
in between runs do:
5 front squats empty bar
5 push press
10 total mountain climbers

band assisted perfect stretch x :45 each side
mini-band air squats x 20 reps
band pass thrus on the bottom of a squat
mini-band straight leg raises x 10 reps each side

Skill: thruster
15:00- 20:00 to find your 2RM thruster

15:00 Time Cap
Partner wod- 8 rounds total (4 each person)
Partner A 10 power snatches 115/75 or 95/65 or modify to stay unbroken
1 x sled drag to pylon- 50m
1 x backwards drag – 50m
Partner B holds an active dead hang on pull up rig. Every drop off the bar is 5 push ups



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