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05.21.18 Fight Gone Bad strongman style


05.21.18 Fight Gone Bad strongman style

Warm Up
4 Sets Not For Time

5 Half Kneeling Single Arm Bottom Up KB Press/arm
20sec DB Side Plank (hold DB in top arm)
30sec Dead Bug
RNT split squat x 8 each side( no weight)

*Move with purpose and focus – build a little weight on your press

Primer: hip flow
Banded good mornings with squats. Do 5 reps good mornings + 5 reps squats for 3 sets

Fight Gone Bad Strongman
3 Rounds
min 1- wall balls 30/20
min 2- tire flips
min 3- sandbag ground to shoulder
min 4- sled rope pulls 3-4 plates on sled

min 5- KB swings 72/53

min6- rest

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