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05.24.18 Double Under skills


05.24.18 Double Under skills

Warm Up

3 Sets:
8 Alternating Tall Kneeling KB Press (4/arm)

– immediately into –

8 Tall Kneeling KB Push Press
– rest 30sec –

6 reps each side – Pallof Press

Skill:  Double unders
Key points when learning double unders

  1. feet stay together
  2. stay relaxed, spin the rope with the wrists
  3. shoulder blades back
  4. find a focal point
  5. mid-line stability
  6. stay on the toes- find your balance position and be able to spring back up like a pogo stick

To work on hand- jump coordination do the Penguin Drill:  no rope, just do tap the thighs with hands and jump in rhythm for double unders- 2 taps per jump.

To work on rope control- try single unders and vary speed.  Try this with eyes closed.

To work on rhythm- try counting the cadence out loud.  Do 10 single unders and then a quick 1-2 pause for a double under.

Barbell Warm Up

A1. Clean Complex
2 Clean High Pull (pull bar to nipples)
2 Slow Pull Power Clean (4sec pull to knees)
2 Power Clean
rest 60sec x 4

A2. Power Jerk
4,4,4,4 (Touch and go reps at shoulder); pause 2 seconds overhead for each rep; rest 90sec

10-8-6-4-2  Clean & Jerk  135/95   95/65
50 DUs after each round of C&J- instead of singles, perform 10 attempts

Time Cap 10:00

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