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Warm Up
400m bike, run or row
3 rounds of:

10 MB hamstring curls
10 Pallof press each side
30 sec wall sit march- in your sit, lift one leg and hold for :03, then switch legs

ankle stretch- place one foot on top of an elevated surface in a lunge position x:30 each side
one length crab walk forward and backward
10 shrimp squats each leg

Barbell Warm up- empty bar then 95/65

2 reps clean high pull
2 reps slow pull power clean (take 4 sec to the knee)
2 reps power clean

Skill: power clean complex
6 sets of the following- build load, start at 60%

1 rep segmented clean pull – pause at the knee
1 rep segmented power clean- pause at the knee
1 rep power clean

15:00 EMOM
Min 1: sprint to the fence and back- 100% effort
Min 2: 5 touch and go squat cleans @ 55-60%
Min 3: 8 hspu or 8 piked hspu from a box or 16 shoulder taps in a plank position

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