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Warm Up
2 Sets –
10 DB Reverse Fly

5 Single Arm DB Deadlifts + 5 Single Arm Hang Muscle Snatch

5 Single Leg Drop Jumps
6-8   Rower Pike Ups


T-Spine Hold on Foam Roller x 60 seconds
Banded Perfect Stretch x 60 seconds per side

banded warm up- The first works external rotation strength and stability in an exercise called “The W.” Hold for 5-10” in the outermost position. 5 reps for :05 hold

2. Next perform a band pull apart keeping your elbows straight and squeezing your shoulder blades together as your arms move out to the side. 10 reps

3. Diagonal pulls in each direction should follow before moving to shoulder circles. This is a classic mobility move with an added stability twist due to the tension from the band. 10 reps each side
4. Shoulder circles. 10 reps

One set of:
Over/Under Barbell Warm-Up x 5 pass thrus
Strict Pull-Ups x 4 reps

Barbell Warm Up
5 good mornings
5 back squats
5 elbow rotations
5 stiff legged deadlifts
5 strict press
5 front squats


5:00 EMOM
Slow Pull Power Clean + Power Clean + Hang Power Clean

*build load every minute

*slow pull should take :04 to move from the start position to the knees.  Work on body position.

For Time
27 cal row
9 power cleans 155/105   135/95    95/65
4 muscle ups or C2B pull ups
21 cal row
6 power cleans 185/125    155/105   115/75
3 muscle ups
15 cal row
3 power cleans 205/135    165/115     135/95
2 muscle ups

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