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Warm Up
2 rounds:

200m run
10 pause jump squats
10 ( 5 each side) KB deadbug
10 glute bridge
30 second ring plank hold


Shoulder flow with bands:
wrist flow:

Skill: handstand progressions 6:00-8:00
1. donkey kicks x 10 reps- next to the wall, both hands on the ground, kick up your legs at the same time and extend them to the wall

2. handstand hold on wall or free standing- 30 seconds – 60 seconds
3. kick to wall and slowly lower yourself to the head stand position (handstand negative) and then come off the wall. No full handstand push up here. Just the negative. x 5 reps
4. handstand march on a box- in a pike position, hands on the floor marching and moving the body- 20 reps

Every 45 seconds for 4:30 (6 sets)
complete 4 unbroken HSPU- athlete can do strict, kip, or pike from a box or the floor

For Time
200m run
Thrusters x 5 95/65
400m run
Thrusters x 10
800m run
Thrusters x 15
400m run
Thrusters x 10
200m run
Thrusters x 5

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