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07.04.17- Happy 4th!


07.04.17- Happy 4th!

Classes today are at 5:30am, 9:30am, and Noon.  Enjoy the holiday!

Warm Up:
Foam roll thoracic
Foam roll quads and adductors
Med ball thoracic opener-lay with your upper back on the ball. With a dowel at jerk-width grip, reach back behind allowing the upper thoracic, chest, and shoulders to open. Keep your rib cage down and abdominals on to ensure we aren’t stealing range of motion from our midline, defeating the stretch.
2 Sets @ Easy Pace:
10 Scapular Pullups 10 Scapular Pushups 50′ Inchworm 15 Russian Kettlebell Swings

banded shoulder distraction x :30 each side
banded hip flexor stretch x :30 each side
deep squat progressions x 6 with a barbell

Skill: OHS
5 sets of 5 reps building load
rest 1:00-1:30 between sets
*in between sets you may want to do the kip/cadence complex
2 kip swings
2 knees to chest
2 TTB with straight legs

2 rope climbs
10 TTB
21 OH walking lunges with plate 45/25#
400m run

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