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Warm Up
800m run
banded lateral plate step ups x 10 each
banded hip bridges x 15 reps
banded psoas march x 20 reps (10 each side)
reverse MB (or slam ball) throw- toss ball behind you over your head- get full extension of the legs and hips x 10 reps

Primer: shoulder warm up
5 KB Strict Press + 20m Single Arm Rack Carries
DB Front Raise x 10 use no more then 8# in each hand + 20m single arm rack carry
DB Lateral Raise x 10 + 20m single arm rack carry
DB Rear Raise x 10 + 20m single arm rack carry

Skill: bench press



15:00 Grinder- not recorded for reps, just move efficiently

6 reps each side single arm kneeling KB press

3 reps each side Turkish get ups

6 reps each side Alternating KB bent over row with mini-band

6 reps Burpee to a KB goblet squat

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