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Warm Up:
2:00 bike/row/run
2 easy rounds of:
10 hollow rocks
10 kneeling unilateral strict press with DB each side- knee in a lunge position, weight is in hand opposite of the knee that is out front.
15 RDL with light weight on barbell
20 hip bridges- no weight. Use a bench with heels on bench, back flat on ground. Drive hips up to a bridge position.


6:00 EMOM
min 1: 2 TGU each side
min 2: 20 GHD sit ups or abmat sit ups
min 3: :30 Handstand hold on wall or freestanding

Skill: kipping pull ups
1. swing development drill:
Pause at Lat active hollow, pause at neutral, pause at tight arch, pause back at neutral and repeat.
2. kip swing drill:
The goal is to find timing, tempo, & rhythm all while maintaining control. A good test is to stop on command before disengaging from the bar.
3. 3 swings + 1 pull up + 3 swings drill:

12:00 AMRAP- Granite Games qualifier wod 2016
12 C2B pull ups- sub pull ups
8 Deadlifts 245/165 or 225/155 or 185/125
12 HSPU – sub downward dog push ups
8 Deadlifts

scaled for this wod= weight 135/95, pull ups can be jumping, push ups for HSPU

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