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Warm Up:
Diane Fu partner hurdles with PVC pipe- step over, then over with other leg, go under and through to a lunge with a stretch. x 4 reps each side
Junkyard dogs with a partner- one person sits on the ground with legs and arms extended. Partner jumps over the arm, over the legs, and over the other arm. Then turn around and go back. x 3 reps each side

Two sets of:
T-Spine Pulse on Foam roller x 10 pulses
Psoas Pulse with LaCrosse ball x 8-10 pulses per side
Deep Squat Progression x 5 reps


Skill: Dip Progression
Bench dip progression- 3 sets of 8-12 reps (athlete picks what progression to start with)
1. knees bent
2. straight leg dip with heels on the ground
3. straight leg dip with heels elevated
4. straight leg dip with heels elevated + weight on thighs
Close grip push up progression- 2 sets of 8-12 reps (athlete picks progression)
1. standing with hands on a box
2. on knees with 2 abmats under your chest
3. on knees with 1 abmat under your chest
4. on knees with chest touching the floor
5. on knees with weight on your back
6. no knees on the way down. Knees on the way up.
7. standard push up
8. standard push up + feet elevated
Accumulate 40 banded tricep extensions

For Time
800m run with sandbag
then 2 rounds
20x lateral hops over sandbag
5x tire flip with jump in and out of tire on each flip
800m row

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