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Warm Up:
Row/Run/Bike 400m
then 2 rounds of:
10x lateral cross over step ups
10x squat jumps
10x empty bar behind the neck push press

banded lat stretch x :30 each side
Wrist stretches x each position for :30
band assisted upper anterior chain opener x 1:00
wall squat stretch x 1:00 hold- lay down as close to a wall as possible, keep your back flat and put your feet on the wall in the squat position. Use your hands to pull apart the legs.


2 sets of 200m Farmer Carry
0-50m KB front racked
50-100m Left arm extended overhead, right arm front racked
100-150m Right arm extended overhead, left arm front racked
150-200m KB farmer carry at the side
rest as needed and then repeat the 200m

Buy In: 200 DUs or 400 singles
4 Rounds
15 pull ups- sub ring rows or barbell racked with seated pull ups
7 S2OH 135/95 or 95/65- barbell starts from the floor

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