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Warm Up:
2 rounds of the following…
Lunge w/Twist
Walking Knee Hugs
Walking #4 stretch- grab knee, then ankle and pull in to body like the shape of a 4
High Knee
Running Buttkickers
Vertical Jumps x 8 reps

Primer: Ring dip progression
3 sets of 10-12 second static dip hold (for each progression, you should have your elbows extended and your shoulders pulled back)- pick your progression to start at

1. parallette’s-feet extended straight with heels on the ground
2. parallette’s- feet extended straight with heels on a bench or box
3. parallette’s- tuck sit with one foot on the ground. Gradually take weight off the foot until you can support yourself with no ground contact.
4. parallette’s- tuck sit
5. static dip hold on bars (use the GHD handles)
6. static dip hold on rings
7. static dip hold on rings + weight
40 band tricep extensions

Skill: Back squat
5 sets of 2 reps @75%


snatch x 5 reps 135/95 or 95/65
run 100m
rope climb x 2 RX+ legless
run 100m

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