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Warm Up:
2:00 bike/row/run
1:00 foam roll thoracic and lats
1:00 foam roll quads and adductors
1:00 child’s pose with shoulder variation- sit in child’s pose and take your hands and place them on the back on your neck
4 position wrist stretches
9 Wall Squats
12 Alternating Spidermans (6/side)
15 AbMat Sit-Ups
:20 second Samson Stretch each side

Skill: Jerks
Pausing Jerk Drive – 5 Sets of 3 Reps
Pausing Split Jerk – 5 Sets of 2 Reps
*On the dip we are looking for a :02 pause. Focus on the weight staying directly over the ankle bone. Keep the shoulders stacked on top of the hips, creating a vertical dip position. Start with an empty bar. Slowly add weight.
*On the pausing split jerk, we have 2 pauses, both being :02 each. One at the dip and the second at the split catch. Load is on the lighter end focusing on technique.

5 sets of 2 reps of split jerk
set 1- 50% of best clean & jerk
set 2- 54%
set 3- 58%
set 4- 62%
set 5- 66%

3 rounds of 3:00 AMRAP with 2:00 rest in between
10 pull ups
15/10 cals row
in remaining time Max Effort sandbag cleans
*record number of sandbag cleans

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