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Warm Up:
2 lengths shuffle
10 x band pass thrus while in a squat
2 lengths high knees
10 x squat jumps
2 lengths leg swings
10 x ball slams

Ankle stretches
banded hip flexor stretch x :30 each side
Skydivers x 10 reps Lay flat on your stomach. With your legs extended, contract your glutes and lift the thighs off the floor. Hold this position as you curl your heel to your butt and kick back out to extension.

Squat Practice:
10 reps of Russian baby makers: actively pull your hips down to the bottom of the squat, lifting your chest up high and driving your knees out with your elbows. As you progress in your reps you should be able get lower and lower.

10 reps (5 each side) of Hawaiian squats: Post yourself up by a rack. Get into a figure four position and pull yourself down as low as possible, without rounding the back. You should feel a stretch through your piriformis. Keep your chest up while you lower, focusing on proper squat mechanics

3 reps with a :10 pause at the bottom of Rack assisted squat: Position yourself as close to a rack as possible. Your arms should be overhead and, with a tight midline, pull yourself to the bottom of your squat. You can hold onto the rack as you descend, keeping your hands in one place. If you have the stability to do so, remove your hands from the rack, keeping as vertical a torso as possible

Wall balls 20/14 to 10′ target for men and women
Cals row or assault bike

After WOD
2 sets for max weight farmer carry of:
120 feet (stop at the first yellow pylon)
rest 1-2:00 in between sets
drop 10% weight for
2 sets for max time of:
Farmer’s Hold (goal is 60 second hold)
rest 1-2:00 in between sets

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