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Important Dates to Remember

September 24th K9 Max hero Dog WOD 9am

September 30th Snatch clinic 2-4pm

October 7th Clean & Jerk clinic 2-4pm

October 28th Barbells for Boobs 9-11am

K9 Max


Warm Up:

2:00 bike/run/jump/row

2 sets of : 10 depth jump- start at the top of a box, jump off in front on the box and immediately jump straight up off the ground

10 (each side) unilateral knee press with DB- in a lunge position with a DB in the hand opposite of the leg that’s out front, press.

10 spiderman lunges


Ev :30 for 3:00

interval 1: single arm plank hold- start with a hand plank and take away one arm. :10 each side

interval 2: shoulder taps x 20 reps + 1 push up


Ev :30 for 3:00

interval 1: L-hang flutter kicks from the bar x 20 reps(total)

interval 2: seated pike double leg lifts x 10 reps


Buy In 3 x 800m run with 2:00 rest in between 800s


AMRAP 5:00

6 TTB sub hanging knee raises

12 Wall balls 20/14

24 DUs or 48 single unders

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