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Warm Up:
3 rounds not timed
single arm DB press x 6 each side
1 length of inchworm with push up
40 single unders
2 lengths of shuffle

Pass thrus with band x 10 reps
Reverse pull up stretch x 6-8 reps
bar muscle up swings: x 4 at each teaching point

Bar Muscle up Focus
1. Feet stay in front of the bar
2. Center of mass back behind the bar when you initiate the muscle up
3. Straight arms

Team of 2
14:00 AMRAP
One work, one rest
50 DUs or 100 singles
5 HSPU or DB seated press
5 Bar Muscle ups or 8 C2B pull ups or regular pull ups

Mid-line Stabilization
Tabata :20on :10 off for 8 rounds
odd rounds: spider abs : like mtn climbers but slow and bring the knee to the elbow by swinging out wide
even rounds: hollow hold

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