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Warm Up:
Partners with slam ball
8 x ball slams each
8 x lateral ball slams each- start with ball at your side of your feet and carry it up and over your body to slam it on the other side
10 x slam ball passes

Skill: clean pause pulls
purpose of pausing in different positions before pulling is to reinforce when we transition between quads to hamstrings
1. strong back- stay strong
2. constant pressure in feet until fully extended
3. shoulders in front of bar

4 sets clean pause pulls 1 rep @80-90% 1RM clean
1x pause 1″ off floor then high pull
1x below the knee then high pull
1x above the knee then high pull
1x high hang then high pull

Skill: clean lift off The clean lift-off is a partial clean pull or deadlift to knee height to train the pull from the floor.
4 sets of 3 reps 80-100+%

Primer: 10:00 EMOM
1 x Power Clean- build load

Medicine Cleans 20/14
300m Run in between cleans- out the garage door to the right and finish at the front door

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