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09.28.16- Benchmark Day!


09.28.16- Benchmark Day!


Warm Up:
2:00 Row
10 Single leg RDLs
10 kipping swings
1:00 Row
10 wall slides
10 Single arm DB press

Skill: pistol progressions
starting from the floor with toe up in back or foot flat on back foot
from a box slowly lowering to a pistol while dragging the foot on the side or back of the box
hanging on to an object while doing pistols

Skill: handstand push ups
Negative handstand push-ups: Kick up onto the wall and slowly lower yourself down until your head touches the ground into a tripod handstand position. Try to maintain at least a five second negative as you lower your head to the floor with complete control. If these aren’t a challenge for you, slow down your pace or add a deficit to increase the range of motion that you will have to resist. The easier these become, the deeper you can increase your deficit in that negative. It is very important that you maintain control in your negative all the way to the floor. If you are crashing down on your head at any point, you can add a mat under your head to decrease the range of the movement until you are strong enough to control it.

WOD: Benchmark Day!
20:00 AMRAP
5 HSPU or negatives
10 Pistols or progression
15 Pull ups or banded pull ups

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