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Warm Up
200m row or bike
spiderman lunges x 5 reps each side
inchworms x 5 reps
seated low banded rows x 20 reps – attach a band to the rig at chest height. Pull the band to your chest, like rowing, keeping the shoulders down. Slowly return to extension.

Barbell bent over rows in snatch grip x 10 reps
Muscle snatch from mid-thigh x 5 reps
OHS x 5 reps

2:00 hold in squat position up against the wall. Back is flat on the ground. Butt is as close to the wall as possible. Use hands to push knees apart.
1:00 hold banded lat stretch each side

Snatch Warm Up:
1. Squatting quad snatch- hold the squat position with the bar across the quads. Weight back towards heels. Soft arms. Center of gravity mid-foot. Hold 10 seconds
2. Stand up in overhead position and hold 10 seconds-like the bar is 300#
3. Hold the bottom of the OHS for 10 seconds
4. Power snatch- pause at the catch and ride down in the squat. Hold for 3 seconds int he receiving position. Stand up.
5. Power snatch then OHS no pausing.
3 reps of pausing power snatch- pause 2′ off the ground, at the knees and at the power position.
3 reps of pausing squat snatch- same pauses as above

Skill: squat snatch
10:00 EMOM
1 x squat snatch starting at light load and building
if time practice snatch DL @ 100% x 3 reps x 2-3 sets

Farmer Carry with KB 72/53 each hand x pylon and back
Tire Flip x 8 reps
Burpee x 12 reps

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