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10.12.16 National Burpee Day


10.12.16 National Burpee Day


Warm Up EMOM Style
9:00 EMOM
min 1: reverse lunges with bar on back 75/55 x 5 reps each leg
min 2: DB skull crushers x 8 reps
min 3: bicep curls x 8 reps each arm
athlete can choose to build load on the DB weight

Primer: Running drills
changing position drill x 14 reps

Charlie’s Angels drill x 2 lengths of the gym
maintain mid-line and pretend you are shooting at a target. Run across the gym like that with your focus on the target. This prevents swaying while running.
Jump rope drill x 1:00
run in place as you are skipping rope. No excessive butt kicks

Run 1 mile
50 burpees
Run 800m
25 burpees

*if raining, row 1500m then row 800m

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