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Warm Up:
10x lateral cross over step ups
10x squat jumps
10x empty bar behind the head push press

6:00 EMOM
min 1: T-spine pulses – place just hands and wrists on a bench shoulder width apart. Kneeling with straight arms, lean back and drop your head thru the arms and pulse back up for the time given. x 10 pulses
min 2: Banded Pec stretch x :30 each side
min 3: Wrist pulses x 10

Skill: Jerks behind the neck
5 sets of 3 reps- build load

Skill: Rope Climbs 10:00
1. start with sitting on the ground. Pull yourself off the ground with a straight arm using the lats, squeezing the core and glutes. -looks like the start of a legless climb
2. practice the two types of footwork for climbs
3. practice taking a few pulls up with rope- hand over hand

Rope Climb x 2
Ring Push Ups x 6IMG_2895
Box Jumps x 10 24/20″


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