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Warm Up:
2:00 light row or bike
16 Medicine Ball Squats
8 Rotational Medicine Ball Throws/side
8 tall to half kneeling get ups with MB- hugging ball

Spend 2 minutes on each leg in the Perfect Stretch.

and then …

Spend 2 minutes on each side rolling out the lats

and then …

Two sets of:
Wrist Stretch x 30 seconds (place palms on the floor with fingers facing you and then sit back, keeping your palms on the floor the entire time)
Banded Lateral Walks x 20 steps in each direction
Banded Hip Bridges x 10 reps

work on your most needed drills for gymnastics
1. kip swings
2. air chair swings
3. ring rows- parallel or incline
4. ring transition work for muscle ups
5. wall walks
6. box piked HSPU
7. pistol progressions- foot behind, foot in front

E2M for 16:00 (8 sets)
15/12 cal bike or 20/18 cal row
in remaining time complete 1-3 reps muscle ups or 3-5 reps most needed gymnastics movement

Post WOD: Abs
3 sets of
:30 hollow rock
:30 hollow hold
:30 hollow rock
2:00 rest

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