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11.22.17 Clean Up Ladder


11.22.17 Clean Up Ladder

No 5:30 or 6:30pm WOD

Warm up:
1:00 easy bike or row
10 muscle cleans from the hang position
5 scap pull ups- engage and press against the bar
1:00 moderate bike or row
10 tall cleans
5 kip swings
5 air chair swings
:40 fast bike or row
10 power cleans from the hang
5 strict pull ups or 5 ring rows with a press and row

Barbell Warm Up
5 clean grip RDLs
5 clean high pulls
5 muscle cleans
5 front squats
5 clean grip push press
5 tall cleans
5 hang power cleans
5 cleans below the knee

1 rep clean from the power position + 2 reps clean from the hang position
1-2 sets with an empty bar then 1 set at 75/55 and 1 set at 95/65

WOD: Clean Up Ladder
10:00 AMRAP with a partner
3 Bar muscle ups or 5 ring dips- no bands- scale first with static dips on boxes or parallettes or do toe tap ring dips
3 Power cleans- weight increases each round (person A does a round, then person B does a round at the same weight as A- then you increase the load for next round)

RX- mens 185/205/225/245/265/275/285
womens 85/95/105/115/125/135/145/155
Scaled- mens 135/145/155/165/175/185/195
womens 65/65/75/75/85/8595/95/105/105 (yes you do 2 rounds at the same weight)

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