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11.29.17 Interval DB ‘DT’


11.29.17 Interval DB ‘DT’

Warm Up:
2:00 row/run/bike
bear walk- hide ears with arms
crab walk- both forward and backward
inchworm with a hollow push up position
1:00 jump rope- singles or doubles

Push Up variations
5 reps regular push ups
5 reps getting hands closer together- each rep move hands close so that the last rep you are touching fingertips.
5 reps getting hands wide
5 reps hands by the hips

partner shoulder stretch x :20 each person- on person sits on the floor, legs extended and arms extended overhead. Another person slides arms through their partners extended arms and around to their shoulder blades. Hands should rest on shoulders with fingers down and palms in. Squeeze the arms and pull slightly up while pushing into the shoulder.
hollow banded pulls on bench x 20 reps


Skill: Bench Press
5 reps @ 60%
3 reps @ 70%
3 reps @75%
2 reps @80%
2 reps @85%

Interval DB ‘DT’
12 Deadlifts 50/35
9 Hang power cleans 50/35
6 Push Press 50/35
Rest :30 after each round

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