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img_4476Warm Up:
With a Partner:
20 shuffle med ball passes
14 med ball clean + pass
10 each scap push ups + scap pull ups

Incline (up to 30″) push ups x 30- work on elbows in and the hollow hold position
Prone PVC pipe pass thrus x 10
Deep squat progressions x 6
Supermans x 15

10 Days of Christmas (because who has time for all 12 days!)
just like the song, one the first day of Christmas my coach gave to me a 250m row/bike. On the second day of Christmas my coach gave to me a KB SDLHP and a 250m row/bike

Day 1- 250m row or bike
Day 2- KB SDLHP 70/53
Day 3- Knees to Elbows
Day 4- Power Cleans 95/65
Day 5- Pull ups
Day 6- Power Snatch 95/65
Day 7- Push ups
Day 8- Thrusters 95/65
Day 9- Mountain Climbers each leg
Day 10- KB swings 70/53

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