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CrossFit Open Information


CrossFit Open Information

The Open is almost here!  The first workout in the 2017 Open will be released this week on Thursday night.  Tangletown CrossFit will be participating in the CrossFit Open and many members have questions about what that means.


What is the CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Open is an annual 5- week competition that takes place Feb. 23rd until April 3rd.  CrossFit affiliates around the world participate in the Open.  EVERYONE is invited and encouraged to participate, regardless of fitness level or experience.  Every workout has an RX and scaled option.  Know that we can even scale the scaled version further for you.  The Open is for EVERYONE!

Why do we do the Open?

We do the Open to grow and enhance our community at Tangletown CrossFit.  We want to have fun, test ourselves against our community members and compare ourselves from previous years. The Open gives us a chance to learn what we are good at and what we still need to improve upon.  At Tangletown CrossFit, the Open allows our members to give back to the surrounding community.  We raise money during the 5-week competition that will be up for donation to the winning team’s charity of choice.

How will Tangletown CrossFit host the Open workouts?

Beginning February 25th, we will host the Open workouts every Saturday morning for five weeks.  The Saturday morning WOD will be the posted Open wod  of the week.  The wod will start with the 7am class and go until 10am. If you need different accommodations, please see coach Teresa about doing the Open wod on Friday or Sunday afternoon.

Everyone who is interested in participating will be on one of three teams, Team Teresa, Team Brian or Team Anna.  These teams will be both RX and scaled and will be scored similar to the team Evolution Challenge.  Scaled members receive half points while RX members receive full points.  After the fifth week of the Open, we will be hosting a post-Open PARTY on Saturday, March 25th.  It will be during the party that the winning team is announced.  Prizes, money and donations will be awarded.

Ok, how do I get involved?

Registration is you writing your name on our black wall at the gym.  You will need to drop off your $20 in a labeled folder on the counter at the gym.  Talk with a coach about details if necessary. Teams will be released Friday night.  The first wod is Saturday, the 25th.

The Open is one of the best events held annually by CrossFit.  It’s a great way to be involved in our community, encouraging and cheering on teammates while surrounding  yourself with fitness!

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