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Getting Started With Change


Getting Started With Change

Our goals for you in this challenge are not to have you all go paleo and win the Crossfit Games. Instead, our goals are for each of you to finish the challenge feeling accomplished and educated. We want you to practice the connection between exercise and lifestyle and see that if one improves, the other will too.

That said, this is a competition of sorts. There will be a winner at the end (even though everyone will be a winner on some level) and so, here are some things to consider as we begin our 6 week start to evolution.

The morning of the first benchmark workout (Saturday, Sept.10), do your best. Come in well rested and hydrated, with your head in the game. Even though we will measure the most improved score for this workout after 6 weeks, this first one still counts. During the workout, be mindful of how you feel during each movement. Do you think you went too hard on the row at the onset, making you tired for everything else? Perhaps you had to take a lot of breaks during the 50 air squats. Or maybe you felt that this was the best 400m run you have ever done in your life! Whatever you notice, try to remember it and reflect on how you felt when the workout is over.  Reflection is key, it can teach us a lot about how we can improve ourselves and help us to give ourselves credit when credit is due. The best way to reflect on a performance is to talk about it with your workout buddies afterwards. Try to focus on two things you did well (give yourself love) and one thing you can improve (set a goal).

Over the next 6 weeks take baby steps to improve your nutrition. Start out by getting rid of one thing you suspect is a nutritional hindrance. Check out our weekly recipe to find something new and healthy that you will like. Slowly but surely, you can replace those hindrances with beneficial foods, that will improve athletic performance and make you feel better over all. I know you probably feel great now, because you are fit and kicking butt in the gym and all. But you would be surprised how you can feel after making a small change that you never even knew could help. Here’s an example: When I was in college and competitively kickboxing, I stopped drinking soda (sorry, pop) on the advice of my trainer. I have not touched it since, nor do I crave it. I realized how unnecessary it was for my life and I lost a bunch of weight in just the first couple weeks of not drinking it.

Everyone’s body is different and so, during this challenge we encourage you to look at these changes as experiments. You are experimenting on yourself. If you stop drinking soda and feel no different, then try something else, like dairy. You may find you are sensitive to lactose (sugar found in dairy) and realize its been holding you back and don’t need it any more. You never know what you can discover about yourself through these experiments. Remember, you are NOT a static being. You are meant to evolve. So let’s get started!

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