Mid-Line Stabilization:
Three sets of 30 second:
Hand plank shoulder taps x max reps
Rest 60 seconds between sets

KB swings 52/35
single side KB carry 100′
Goblet squats with KB
single side KB carry 100′
reps start at 10 first round then 9 reps and so on until you reach 1 rep swing and squat
distance on carry remains the same



Power cleans 125/85



Skill: snatch pause pulls
purpose of pausing in different positions before pulling is to reinforce when we transition between quads to hamstrings
1. strong back- stay strong
2. constant pressure in feet until fully extended
3. shoulders in front of bar

4 sets snatch pause pulls 1-2 reps @80-90% 1RM snatch
1x pause 1″ off floor then high pull
1x below the knee then high pull
1x above the knee then high pull
1x high hang then high pull




EMOM 6:00
min1: Single leg lunge to jump- start in a lunge, step up with knee coming as high as the hip, jumping off the planted foot with a controlled descend x 5 reps each side
min2: DB bench press x 10 reps
min3: Bicep curls x 5 reps each side

Primer: shoulder and hip mobility+ air squats

For Time 135/95 or 115/75 or 95/65
15 OHS
15 C2B pull ups
15 Snatch
15 C2B pull ups
15 Front Squats
15 C2B pull ups
15 Cleans
15 C2B pull ups