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Everybody Loves Prizes, Right?


Everybody Loves Prizes, Right?

Are you ready to Ramp It Up? We start Saturday, September 10 with our Challenge workout during Saturday’s WODs. Everyone can participate, but only those who register and pay will be eligible to win prizes. Make sure you sign up!

We have three ways to win at the end of the 6-week challenge:

  • Most improved performance of the Challenge workout (Rx and Scaled)
  • Best before/after photos as voted by members. These aren’t your typical before/after photos, either. See the rules post on before/after photos.
  • Community involvement. Share what you’ve been doing on Instagram, ask and answer questions on Facebook, and comment on our blog posts! This is a community challenge. And health is much easier with a healthy community. Tag us @tangletowncrossfit (@tangletowncf on twitter) with #RampItUp and we’ll make sure to share what you post!

Along the way, we’ll also be offering up other prizes as we see people putting in the work, sharing their success, and just overall being awesome. The more people who register, the bigger and better the prizes will get! Make sure you sign-up and bring in your $40 (cash or check, please) by Saturday, September 10!

Even if you aren’t registering for the Challenge, we would still love to have you participate! You just won’t be eligible for prizes.

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