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Setting Goals


Setting Goals

The Ramp it Up! Fall Challenge has officially begun! You have until this Tuesday to sign-up and bring in $40 cash or check for registration!

Check out our previous post on how to Get Started with Change.

Here are a few things we recommend you do to start the Challenge:

  1. Set a baseline. You’ll never know if your efforts are making a difference if you don’t know where you started. Remember, what gets measured, gets improved. Check out this post from Nerd Fitness for more details on what to measure, how, and why. Metrics that can be used as a baseline include:
    • Circumference measurements
    • Weight
    • Body fat percentage
    • Performance records
    • Sleep quality or quantity
    • Energy levels
  2. Set a goal for the Challenge. Your goal should be S.M.A.R.T:
    • Specific – Think numbers and percentages. Quantifiable changes in strength, weight, speed, etc.
    • Measurable – You need to be able to track your efforts.
    • Achievable – Is it achievable both physiologically and for you specifically? A good rule of thumb is to take your initial goal (even if it does seem reasonable) and halve it. Why? What happens if your goal is to lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks and you only lose 7? Just something to think about.
    • Relevant – Is your goal relevant to you and your lifestyle?
    • Time-based – Don’t think of this as a deadline, but rather a checkpoint to see how your efforts are paying off.
  3. Get you Pre-Challenge Photo submitted by Tuesday, September 13
    • This is not a drab, sad, frumpy photo that you use to shame yourself into doing better. This is a photo showing how awesome you are and what you already do for your health (like being a member of TTCF). And we’ll be voting on Best Before/After Photo for a prize, so please, be clothed in your photo. 
    • Share your photo on facebook, instagram, twitter, or email it to Anna.
      • If you don’t want to share your photo, we would still like for you to take a picture, but just email it to Anna with a note to keep it private. 
    • Photo ideas: 
      • Doing something you enjoy. (Hopefully you don’t need ideas for this, but just in case…)
        • Biking, running, walking, climbing
        • Lifting heavy weights
        • Hanging out at TTCF (we can help take pics, too)
        • Going to the beach
      • Doing something with someone you like.
      • Wearing your favorite outfit that makes you feel kick-ass

Sign-up if you’ve got your goal in mind and know that this Challenge will help you get there.

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