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Time to Ramp It Up!


Time to Ramp It Up!

Are you ready to Ramp It Up? We start Saturday, September 10.

An in-house 6-week challenge to help you improve your health week by week by making small changes to your daily habits. As a community, we can help support each other, share strategies, and offer options so all of us can reach our individual goals. Each week will offer an opportunity to try a new strategy, build up new habits, and achieve new goals in the areas of nutrition, performance, and lifestyle.

You in? Sign up here. Registration is $40. Pay by September 10 to be eligible to win prizes!

Need more information? Here are the details:


  • Your Goal
  • Challenge Workout – Saturday, September 10 at 7 am, 8 am, or 9 am.
  • Baseline Measurements – do this on or before Saturday, September 10!
    • What should you measure? Depends on Your Goal. Check out this post from Nerd Fitness for more details on what to measure, how, and why.
      • Fat loss and/or muscle gain – circumference and weight
      • Performance – 5 RM on a chosen lift, mile time, one of the Girls, or just use the baseline workout! We’ll be repeating it at the end of the six weeks.
      • Sleep quality or quantity, energy levels, or any other qualitative or quantitative measure of your health you want to see changed.
  • Pre-Challenge Photo – on or before Saturday, September 10
    • This is not a drab, sad, frumpy photo that you use to shame yourself into doing better. This is a photo showing how awesome you are and what you already do for your health (like being a member of TTCF). And we want to share it, so please, be clothed in your photo.
    • Share your photo on facebook, instagram, twitter, or email it to Anna.
      • Tag @tangletowncrossfit (@tangletowncf on twitter) with #RampItUp and we’ll get it shared on our Instagram
        • If you really don’t want to share your photo, we would still like for you to take a picture, but just email it to Anna with a note to keep it private.
    • Photo ideas:
      • Doing something you enjoy. (Hopefully you don’t need ideas for this, but just in case…)
        • Biking, running, walking, climbing
        • Lifting heavy weights
        • Hanging out at TTCF (we can help take pics, too)
        • Going to the beach
      • Doing something with someone you like.
      • Wearing your favorite outfit that makes you feel kick-ass

Sign-up if you’ve got your goal in mind and know that this Challenge will help you get there.

Still need more information? Read on to see what you will be doing each week.

Each Week You Will

    • Work towards goals in three key areas. Depending on where you are you might be trying something new, continuing a goal from the previous week with a new strategy, or just working on consistency.
  • Nutrition
        • Examples: Cut out extra sugar. Reduce pop consumption. Reduce alcohol consumption. Get an extra serving of vegetables at each meal. Eat enough calories. Pack a lunch. Get enough protein.
  • Performance
        • Examples: Cut time from your mile run. Add pounds to your favorite lift. Add pounds to your least favorite lift. Go heavier on workouts. Get more rounds in workouts. Increase your squat depth.
  • Lifestyle
        • Examples: Add an extra 5 minutes of walking to each day. Get more or better sleep. 15 minutes of phone-free time. 15 more minutes of reading. Mindfulness practices.
  • Track and share your efforts
    • Here is an easy template for you to use. Fill in your weekly goal, the We’ll have copies for you to grab at the gym as well.
    • This is a community effort so let other people know what you are doing! Share on social (photo, status, tweet), comment on the blog posts (more on that in a minute), and help each other out. You could even go old school and talk to people at the gym about how your Challenge is going!

Sound like a plan? Sign up here.

Want to know what we are bringing to the table? Here’s what we will be doing:

Each Week We Will

  • Post the week’s goals and some strategies. We will be offering different levels of goals so that depending on where you are, your goals will provide change while still being manageable.
  • Post additional blog posts to help keep you motivated, give you more information on the goals and habits we are recommending, and provide additional strategies to help you feel successful.
  • Share your wins, challenges, and successful strategies so we can all learn from each other!
  • Announce weekly prize winners!

See, we’ve got all the bases covered. Sign up here!

After Week 6, We All Will

  • Party.

Yeah, we thought we’d get you at party. Sign up!

Not quite ready for a the Challenge this fall, but interested in one in the future? Especially once you see how kick-butt awesome everyone does after this one? Sign up here and we’ll let you know when the next TTCF Challenge is starting.

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