Teresa Briest – Owner/Head Coach
While playing youth sports at the age of 12, Teresa was told her knees weren’t built for intense exercise. Swimming was suggested instead of basketball along with physical therapy and adaptive physical education. That one suggestion, although very difficult to grasp, lead to a whole new path for Teresa and athletics. She grew strong in high school and college swimming and developed a love for the sport. While pursuing her education degree, Teresa decided to continue her swimming as a coach at the high school level. Coaching and teaching techniques became second nature for Teresa.

In 2007, a good friend, Darcy Franklin, suggested triathlons. She was hooked after winning her age group in her very first race. But in 2010, Teresa had a season ending foot injury. With determination and the guidance of Darcy, Teresa started her CrossFit training journey and has never looked back. She sees the benefits of high intensity training along with Olympic weight lifting when swimming in masters swim meets. She has never been stronger and holds MN age group records in swimming to prove it! Along with being head coach and owner of Tangletown CrossFit, Teresa is the owner and coach of I Swim Masters Team in Eden Prairie.

Teresa had progressed in her CrossFit training to now include competitions. She has many successes with team competitions and has accomplished a personal goal of finishing the masters qualifier in 2015. Teresa views CrossFit as an excellent workout for all fitness levels and is an encouraging coach who wants to help others meet their personal goals!

Outside of the gym, Teresa enjoys spending time with her husband and children, eating cheese, cheering on any Badger team, and playing with her dog.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
United States Masters Swimming Level 2
USA Swimming Coach
CPR/First Aid
Owner and coach of I Swim, LLC
BS in Education
MA in Education

Julie Kenney – Coach & Head CrossFit Kids Coach

Julie working some cleans

Julie working some cleans

Julie’s career as a pediatric nurse practitioner has fostered her interest in healthy living throughout the lifespan. She has been an active runner for nearly 2 decades and has completed many marathons. Her love of running continues, and when she was introduced to the unlimited potential of strength and conditioning several years ago, she found the benefits to be immeasurable.

Julie started the first 10 years of her career at Children’s in general pediatrics and then made a change to Diabetes and Endocrinology. While in the diabetes clinic, she worked closely with children and families struggling with weight and were developing Type II diabetes at too early of an age. After starting CrossFit herself, she learned of CrossFit Kids. The hope of finding another tool to help kids be healthy motivated her to become a CrossFit Level 1 Certified and CrossFit Kids Certified in just two short months. She finds true joy in empowering others to find their successes, whatever they might be.

Julie’s training and background include:
Master’s Degree as Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Kids Certified
Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

She now works in the Emergency Department at Children’s. Julie lives in South Minneapolis with her husband, three kids, two cats and one dog.

Jill Plumb-Smith – Coach

IMG_1685Jill has been a lifelong runner and cyclist. Completing trail runs, marathons and 24-hour mountain bike events has long been part of her routine. Jill enjoys competing, but has always preferred the introspective time available during a challenging distance workout. Adding yoga to her endurance program was a great addition to her mind-body goals.

CrossFit has now set a new standard for her. She not only sees the benefits of interval and strength training for her personal goals, but also is genuinely excited to see other people of all body shapes and sizes reach their own measure of success. Jill is always there with a smile and a motivational word. She is always excited to discuss the latest literature on nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Jill has a passion for teaching members correct movement and position to avoid injury. Members love her sense of humor, attention to detail and her hard work she exudes during her own skill and WOD time.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Certified Yoga Instructor (CYT)

M.S. Landscape Architecture, U of MN
B.A. Chemistry, Gustavus Adolphus

Laurie Kocanda – Coach
CrossFitPhotoAs an endurance athlete, Laurie has completed over 50 marathons, numerous ultramarathons and two Ironman triathlons. After being plagued by overuse injuries, Laurie found the strength she developed at CrossFit was the perfect addition to her fitness routine. CrossFit has helped to heal her injuries and provides the ongoing core strength needed to keep them away.

With over a decade of experience as a fitness instructor, Laurie is particularly interested in working with new athletes and parents trying to coordinate their busy schedules to include fitness. A co-author to the book Hot (Sweaty) Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom, she believes community and support are important tools to lifelong fitness. She’s found both at Tangletown CrossFit.

CrossFit Level One Trainer
ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
American Heart Association CPR/AED

M.A. Counseling Psychology, University of St. Thomas
M.A. Journalism, Marquette University
B.A. Writing-Intensive English/Business Administration, Marquette University

Tessa Wolff – Coach
handstandbeachTessa has been very active in sports her entire life. She was primarily a gymnast, but also participated in soccer, softball, volleyball, karate, shot put, and running.

She discovered CrossFit in 2012 and it has had a profound impact on her life. Tessa found her leadership skills at a young age and has only continued to grow and foster them throughout her life. She loves coaching and encouraging others to become the best, strongest, most capable versions of themselves! (She also loves doing handstands anywhere she goes.)

Tessa, her husband Charlie, daughter Louise, and their adorable dog Kayla live in Southwest Minneapolis. When she’s not at CrossFit, she’s an Account Executive, baker, biker, napper, reader, and doting auntie.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

B.A. Spanish and Sociology, Gustavus Adolphus College

Bill Lee – Coach
Bill first found CrossFit when looking for a way to improve his strength and conditioning for hockey. He quickly found it to do that, and much more. The vibrant community fostered at TTCF was fun, challenging, social, and empowering. Eventually, hockey dropped in priority to be replaced by CrossFit.

Bill has been a trainer at Tangletown CrossFit since 2013. His goal is to help the members of the TTCF community to be awesome through safe and efficient movement, and to enable and inspire them do things they never thought possible.

Luke Schulz – Coach and Strength & Technique Specialist

LukeSkeletonLuke discovered CrossFit during the 2012 CrossFit Open with his first ever CrossFit WOD being 12.1 – 7 minutes of burpees. It was one of the hardest workouts he’d ever completed. A high standard for this life-long athlete.

Luke spent six years competing in skeleton as a member of the U.S. National Team and was a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Lake Placid, NY. While an athlete, Luke had the opportunity to train under and learn from some of the nation’s top speed and strength coaches. Prior to his life as a skeleton athlete, Luke spent his high school days competing in football, soccer, wrestling, and track and eventually competed collegiately in football, and track and field as a sprinter.

Shortly after hanging up his spandex in 2012, Luke decided to give CrossFit another go, and was instantly hooked. He became engrossed in the workouts, and quickly found himself helping others learn proper lifting technique. Gaining his CrossFit training certification was an easy and exciting transition for him. Luke loves the community aspect of CrossFit, and helping others surpass their goals.

Jessica Thompson – Coach
Jessica has been a CrossFit athlete for 5 years and earned her Level 1 trainer certificate in the summer of 2014 and her USAW certificate in 2015. Prior to CrossFit, Jessica practiced martial arts for 10 years and coached children and adults in fitness kickboxing. Her martial arts background gave her foundational strength and flexibility as well as a passion for fitness. Jessica brings this passion to TTCF and is excited to help others achieve their fitness goals. When she is not at CrossFit, she teaches science, walks her dogs, climbs mountains, brews beer and loves life.


Anna Dooley – Coach
Anna considered herself an athlete for the first time in her life after joining Tangletown CrossFit in December 2012. Having a tricky relationship with food, exercise, and weight starting in high school, popular mainstream advice led her down many paths, some good, some not so good. After gaining and losing the “freshman 15” multiple times through college, it was after graduating that she realized something was wrong. The Paleo diet finally set her on the path to real health, introducing her to new and better ideas about functional movement, real food, strength training, fitness, the pitfalls of the standard american diet. Since 2011, Anna has been passionate about health and wellness achieved by eating real food, practicing functional movement, reducing stress, finding happiness, and sleeping. CrossFit has shown her that she is so much more than how she looks and she loves challenging herself to new feats of physical and mental fitness. The community that comes along with it is a major bonus.

2015-10-30_11-14-29Anna has been coaching CrossFit since 2014. Her favorite part of coaching is helping people connect to and move their body better, whether through lifting heavy things, gaining mobility, reducing pain, or simply learning the coordination it takes to do a proper squat for the first time.

Outside of CrossFit, Anna has a passion for playing co-rec broomball and soccer, learning to cook new things, watching The Walking Dead, and sleeping as much as she can. She also works as the Social Media Intern for Paleo f(x) and blogs about life and things at She lives around Minneapolis with her partner in crime, Isaac, and their two crazy animals, a dog named Sunny and a cat named Pig.

CrossFit Level 1
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Group Fitness Instructor

Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Andrew “Swany” Swanson – Coach
Andrew has been a lifelong athlete competing in a plethora of sports from an early age. Born in the desert, Andrew took the path less wandered of an Arizona teen when he made ice hockey his main focus sport, with a strong hobby of snowboarding on the side. It was during his high school career that he fell in love with high intensity lifting, however didn’t discover CrossFit until July 2012 a few months after moving to Minnesota. A vivid memory of Andrew’s first CrossFit WOD (Fight Gone Bad), was becoming a puddle of sweat on the ground, while gasping for air after struggling with pressing a bar that had never felt so heavy, jumping to a box that had never seemed so high, and rowing his heart out without managing to gain any calories on the insanely fit what appeared to be super-humans on either side of him. The next morning upon waking, it was the feeling of being in a fight that had gone really, really bad. However, that left him wanting redemption and he’s been hooked ever since. After completing a year of successful personal training at Lifetime Fitness, Andrew jumped on the opportunity to become a coach at Tangletown CrossFit. He is now in his third year of CrossFit and uses CrossFit to make sure his body is ready to perform for the upcoming Ice Cross Downhill season, better known as Redbull’s Crashed Ice. In his spare time you can find Andrew doing a wide variety of things, such as practicing for ice cross, working on his car, shooting photography, fabricating small projects, and of course CrossFitting.

CrossFit Level 1
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Corrective exercise specialist
NASM Performance enhancement specialist
American Heart Association CPR/AED

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