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TTCF 2017 Team Evolution Challenge!


TTCF 2017 Team Evolution Challenge!

Announcing the TTCF 2017 Team Evolution Challenge! Sign up now!

Starting Monday, January 9 until Saturday, February 18, we will be running Tangletown CrossFit’s 2017 Team Evolution Challenge. Sign up by Friday, January 6 to be placed on one of four teams!

The entry fee to participate and win prizes is $10 – due Monday, January 9.

Questions? Facebook or email Anna ( or Jessica (

This challenge will give you an opportunity to improve your health and performance with weekly nutrition, health, and/or fitness challenges. To help keep you accountable and motivated, you will also be competing with and against other members of Tangletown CrossFit on one of four teams. Teams will be assigned to give you an opportunity to meet more TTCF members. As a team, you can help keep each other accountable, share tips and tricks, and trials and tribulations.

On the last day of the Challenge, we will be hosting a mini in-house competition from 9-10:30 am on Saturday, February 18.

More Details…
There are no extra workouts required, no specific diets to follow, or certain levels of fitness to be at in order to participate. Just keep being the awesome members that you are and see if you can challenge yourself to do those healthy things you’ve been meaning to do anyways!

Each week, we will give you two challenges to keep track of for seven days. We’ll detail what you are doing and what your score is based on each week. For example: one week you may keep track of PRs (new squat PR, new DUs record, first Rx workout, etc.) and how many cups of vegetables you eat.

Each day, you will record your score for that week’s challenge on this Google Doc. There, you will also be able to see your total score, the scores of other participants, and how your team is fairing.

At the end of each week, we will announce the winning team, outstanding members, etc.

At the end of the Challenge, there will be an overall Challenge winner and the Team Challenge Competition winner.

The Team Challenge Competition will take place on Saturday, February 18 from 9-10:30 am. (Mark your calendar!)

Sign up now!

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