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Week 2: You always have time to Ramp It Up!


Week 2: You always have time to Ramp It Up!

Week 2 starts tomorrow!

If you didn’t make it to the gym Saturday morning, it’s okay! The only other workout that you will need to make for the challenge is the last one. Every workout and gym visit is up to you and for you to work on your performance goals.

Remember: Prizes at the end are for most improved performances, community involvement (comment on the blog, post on Instagram or Facebook, talk about it at the gym!), and best before/after photos!

We’ve had lots of people join up over the past week (yay!) so if you haven’t really done much yet, that’s okay! Check out our post on Getting Started With Change. My guess is that if you joined the challenge, you already have some goals in mind that you would like to work on.

If you’ve been a part of the challenge from the start, now would be the time to review your goals from the past week. If your goal was to make it to the gym four times per week, how did it go and how can you adjust to make success easier? What got in your way? Did you go to bed too late to make it to the early class? Do you feel good or was it too much? Can you reduce your weights this week so you can adequately recover?

Week 2 Habits and Goals

This week, you need to pick one goal or one daily habit each from the areas of nutrition, performance, and lifestyle. Here are some tips for selecting your daily habit for the week:

  • The habit needs to be one that has a YES/NO answer. NO, I didn’t drink pop today. YES, I completed my goal of 20 push-ups per day. NO, I didn’t watch TV right before bed.
  • It need to relate to your overall goals. If your goal is to work your way to a healthier diet in order to feel better and lose weight, pushing yourself to get to the gym 5 days a week doesn’t really match up.  If your goal is to add muscle mass and improve your training capacity, your nutrition goal better not leave you in a major calorie deficit.
  • It needs to be achievable. This doesn’t mean it won’t be challenging. Depending on your personality  type, completely cutting sugar for a week may be way more achievable or simply reducing snack consumption might be more in your wheelhouse.

Check out our posts on cutting back on sugar, inflammatory foods, and pull-up progressions. We’ll have more posts for you again this week as well, so check back periodically or watch the Facebook page!

There is a stack of habit tracking sheets on the counter by the couch in the gym, pick one up if you would like! Check out Anna’s at the end of the blog post.

Nice work everyone! Have a great weekend!

Here’s my tracking sheet from the first week, with my little assessment and modifications for next week:

Two of my biggest struggles are 1) Staying focused on a task and completing projects one at a time and 2) taking adequate breaks for my health and my brain. Knowing that I need to stop working to eat, stop working to walk, and stop working to workout, puts barriers up around my work day and forces me to focus on one task at a time. One of my biggest goals is to increase my training capacity. This leads me to my three goals:

  • Get adequate protein (for me, about 150 g/day) and eat three meals. This forces me to take breaks and it’s way easier to eat enough protein in meal form as opposed to snack form.
  • Make it to the gym 5x per week. No way I’m doing that if I’m not actually fueling myself well.
  • Walk the dog 4x per day. I need to go outside. I need to stop looking at computer screens. I need to take a break. And my dog is recuperating a bad leg so a 10-15 minute walk is about all he can handle.

Things went okay this past week, I felt better on the days when I hit my protein and walking goals, so I’m going to continue them this week.

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  1. BH

    One of my Ramp it Up goals is to consume adult beverages no more than 3 evenings per week (hey, it’s ambitious for an Irish person). I’ve used all three this week, and still have Saturday night in front of me. Who’s gonna win round one? BH or The Booze? Shit is getting real.

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