What is CrossFit?


This is a great question. It is difficult to answer but I get this question all of the time and I swear, my answer is always different. CrossFit means something different to each individual. Some people come for the community that is created within our four walls. Others come to increase their range of motion. One might come because they are ultra competitive and need an outlet. Another might come because all they do is run and realize in order to run for life, they need strength.

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Some find CrossFit intimidating. It can be for sure; trying new things is scary! However, everything is scalable and we are able to make any workout functional for you. We have full-tim moms & dads, fire fighters, grandmas & grandpas, police, executives, professional athletes, college students, and military special forces that participate in our program. It is designed for all levels and will produce results in each individual.

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