Ugly Sweater Hopper WOD

December 1st, 2018 at all classes - 7, 8, and 9am

We are hosting an ugly sweater hopper wod. What is this? The hopper is a classic CrossFit tool where various exercises get put into a large hopper and the coach draws out at random what the wod will be.

There will be three wods at each class.

WOD 1 3 rounds triplet

WOD 2 4 rounds couplet

WOD 3 2 rounds triplet

each WOD has a 9:00 time cap. There will be a 3:00 transition between wods. The exercises will be chosen from the hopper that morning to make up the rounds for each wod. Once the exercise is picked, it stays out of the hopper. All WODs can be completed RX or Scaled. Prizes will be awarded to top wod winners and logo stickers will be given to each athlete who comes dressed in an ugly sweater.

Going into the hopper....

2 Ring muscle ups
2 rope climbs
500m row
12 box jump overs
10 burpees over the bar
6 bar muscle ups
8 power snatch 135/95
8 clean & jerk 185/125
15 thrusters 95/65
15 OHS 95/65
15 C2B pull ups
15 TTB
15 KB swings 70/53
14 DB alternating snatch 50/35
15 goblet squats 53/35
16 OH walking lunges 45/25# plate
20 sit ups
75 DUs
30 alternating pistols
8 deadlifts 225/155
50’ handstand walk
12 strict ring dips
14/10 cals bike
12 Cartwheels
20 Push Press 95/65
200m bear crawl
5 each side TGU
15 med ball cleans
12 Thai squats w/ jazz hands

Teresa Briesthopper wod