Top Attendance for October 2018

We have had several super committed and committed members of our community.  Those that have made over 20 classes are the super committed group and those who are over 15 classes are in the committed group.  Each month we will draw from these two groups one winner of a gift card to a place such as Rogue or Amazon or a local business.  The groups for October are:

Super Committed

Lisa Wilson 28

Vru Patel 22

Brian Hartney 22

Andyrose Fernandes- Reese 22

Courtney Judd 20


Regan Hartney 19

Laurie Hawton 18

Susan Hunsaker 18

Dan Koskey 17

Kristine Nolin 17

Elana Dix 17

Ryan Sims 17

Brian Johnson 16

Tiffany Dailey 16

Danielle Davidson 16

Jason Haskell 16

Mike Damon 15

Gina Zech 15

Paul Healey 15

Sara Turpin 15

Winner of October’s gift card: Dan Koskey

Teresa Briest