Summer Goals?

As a fitness community, we continue to motivate and inspire one another in and out of the gym! Summer can be a difficult time of year to keep on track with fitness, so its great to have a goal to keep working towards and buddies to stay accountable. Participating in group challenges such as the Granite Games Qualifiers can be a great way to stay accountable to your fitness goals. Click the link to register if you have not done so already. Working out outside of the gym is another great goal and way to stay flexible if you are traveling a lot this Summer. There are also small local competitions that are fun challenges. This month, I challenge you to have a goal! Post it to the TTCF Members Only Facebook group to inspire and draw support from others. 

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It's not the product, it's the process...

The feeling of accomplishing a goal is a great feeling (obviously). For many of us it can be an addictive, ever motivating force to continue to train hard and stretch to bigger or new goals. But some goals take longer than others to achieve and on the way, you build new strengths and skills in other areas. Instead of being disappointed or frustrated that a particular skill is taking too long, focus on the journey to getting there. Do progressions correctly, seek coaching and mobilize always to prevent injury. Use challenging scales in workouts that will keep you progressing towards strength in your goal area.

For example, vary your pull up scales if working toward a pull up. Cycle through negatives, strict ring rows, and supported pull ups, increasing the difficult on a weeklybasis. Do supplementary exercises such as lat pull downs or barbell rows. Achieve a strict pull up before kipping and be proficient in chest to bar kipping pull ups before training muscle ups. This process could take months, years or weeks, but the strengths you build along the way it will translate into other movements, helping you become a better athlete. Patience, intention and attitude are key.



Welcome New Members!

Be sure to introduce yourself and welcome or most recent On Ramp finishers! Brian, Laura and Mike.

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