Member of the Month - April 2019!

Meet Mark Ciagne!


Meet Mark Ciagne:

I am a general surgeon. For the last 5 years I have been doing acute injury care and occupational medicine. Starting this spring I will be going back to the surgical world and joining a vein surgery group. I live in Edina with my beautiful wife and 2 wonderful children. 

I have been at Tangletown for 7 years; I joined shortly after Darcy opened the original gym and I'm one of the few remaining OG members. Prior to joining Tangletown I mostly worked out at home and sometimes at the hospital when I had a chance. I wrestled in high school and my freshman and sophomore years in college, but didn't spend too much time working out in medical school or residency. My 4th year of residency I started working out at home and did P90X and my chief year (5th year) one of my junior residents got me into CrossFit. CrossFit introduced me to many more movements as well as a larger breadth of skills than I had ever participated in. In sports my workout goals were to improve my sport performance and doing CrossFit was the first time I was exercising for general physical preparedness 

I think my greatest achievements thus far in my CrossFit journey are a 200 pound snatch, 285 pound clean, 435 pound deadlift. Competing in the Granite games twice (once individual and once as a team). 

My current goals are maintaining my strength as I come to terms with slowing down and giving myself longer to recover. Gaining back my flexibility and some endurance after tearing both my hamstrings last October (Not a CrossFit injury- I was in the middle of Tae Kwon Do practice when I did that). Maybe someday I will get back in to competition shape. 

I love any WODs that are fast and heavy. I love Oly lifting- they are the perfect blend of strength and mobility. They are great at showing you your deficits and what areas you need to work on. Of all my CrossFit moments, my most memorable are Placing 2nd on the partner Fran workout with Marie at Freezefest. Finishing 2nd on the heavy snatch event with Tayler at a different Freezefest event. 

Here's a nugget of advice for my fellow CrossFitters: Know and accept your limits and know when you can push forward. Don't be afraid to scale or slow down; especially with age or injury. I am/have started to come to terms with my inability to recover as quickly as I used to and the various aches and pains I never experienced when I was in my 30's.