Member of the Month - February 2019!

Meet Erik Gronberg


Meet Erik Gronberg:

I'm a high school Spanish teacher, and really enjoy working with young people, most of the time. I live with my husband Matt, and our two cats Marley and Ziggy. We've lived in our house (just a few blocks north of the gym) for three years, and in that time, I've managed to fall down each of our flights of stairs at least once. My softball team has a first-aid kit that until recently was named after me, and during my first game with this team 6 years ago, I fractured my ankle. Keep your distance, people! On a less painful note, I was on a jump rope team --The Emerson Elementary Cardiac Kids-- in 2nd-5th grade, so I'm secretly pretty elated when double-unders are part of the WOD. I joined TTCF in August of 2017. Previous to that, I did boot camp at Lifetime fitness for awhile, was really into distance running for a few years, and enjoyed a stint as master of the completely-ineffective, 15-minute workout at my local Snap fitness. I currently jog much shorter distances, do yoga on my own a few times a week, and play softball on a local league during the Spring and Summer. I love the structure that I get at TTCF, because I'm not disciplined enough to program anything out for myself over the long term, and I need help to maintain correct form and avoid injury. 

I really like all the personal coaching I get at TTCF, because it's helping me to be more trusting of myself and what I'm able to do, and the atmosphere is welcoming and fun. 

My greatest fitness achievement so far has been qualifying for the Boston Marathon back in 2011, but I wasn't able to go because of a li'l sports hernia that happened as a result of improper (AKA no) cross-training. Live and learn, I guess. Right now my number one goal is to get my lower back in shape. I want to reach to the point where Kristine says "flutter kick," and I don't get the stink eye because my spine is 6 inches off the ground. I don't have any previous weight lifting experience, so I'm just enjoying lifting what I can, and then finding out that I'm actually getting stronger when I plug the numbers into my phone. I like strict pull-ups when they happen, and am starting to appreciate the Olympic lifts more and more as I get more practice at the correct forms. I've only been to Jessica's class a few times, but it's making a big difference in my understanding and execution of some of the lifts, and this actually gives my a lot of personal satisfaction. Yeah, I lifted that, and I can still walk home sans passing out.

My advice for fellow athletes: 

Don't be afraid to acknowledge that you're bad at something and ask for help; this isn't some shysty grunt-n-strut operation, and people are happy to assist if necessary.